Calculate Demand but ignore it in the Compliance report (SAM)

Idea created by POCHABOINA on Feb 7, 2018
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    How can we automate the way to calculate Demand but ignore it in the Compliance report. We've a manual way of achieving this process, but it would be a tough thing to do it manually everytime.

    Manual process :

    If you go to "Software Inventory", "Installations", you can then enter a text string in the "Product Name" field to filter only those installations with a particular product. You can then select all of the filtered records, edit them and change the inventory status to be "not_to_be_calculated_in_complaince", save this and it will then not count this installation in Compliance report.


    But, what if the product has huge number of installations and it keeps on increasing at irregular intervals, we really can't update the installations everytime and everyday. Instead, if there is something at a Product level, then it would be a feasible solution.


    Thank you,

    Naveen Yadav