Add Search for Request/Incident/Problem Workflow Tasks to r14+ menu bar

Idea created by camja06 Employee on Feb 9, 2018
    Under review
    • J_W
    • mitu
    • camja06
    • Paul_Coccimiglio
    • jeffery.mason
    • Brian_Mathato
    • johse01

    As noted by Jeffery Mason SDM 14.1.04 IRP Workflow Tasks , there is currently no out-of-box menu item to search Request/Incident/Problem classic workflow tasks.  Menu items exist in the out-of-box 'menubar_sd.htmpl' for Issue and Change workflow tasks.  As an analyst, I would like to be able to initiate from the menu bar a search for Incident/Request/Problem classic workflow tasks by any of the standard fields (status, type, sequence, ticket type, dates, assignment status, assignee etc).