WCC improvement: optimize icons and font in flow view

Idea created by Mr_Kuehn on Feb 27, 2018
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    Hi CA,


    WCC flow view is a great tool for a view on job dependencies I was very pleased on its return.


    But it has some limitations too, for example:

    1st: The icons for boxes and jobs are to big and waste space on the screen witch can better be used to show more jobs in large jobflows.

    2nd: The font used in flow view need a rework. It is badly readable if zoomed out.

    3rd: Summary tab still need flash to show diagram.


    Please check if there are possiblities to improve WCC on this.


    Many thanks and best regards




    Large icons waste space.

    Pic: Large icons waste space.



    Font unreadable.

    Pic: Font unreadable.


    Flash player required.

    Pic: Flash player required.