Change auditing all monitoring changes

Idea created by ttahkapaa on Mar 9, 2018
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    In the good old IM world there was excellent audit probe that was able to show you pretty much every change and command that had been run in your environment. That still works, for the work that is done in IM. But, we have now many probes with what we are forced to use admin console to configure and at least I have not been able to find any of those changes with audit probe (obviously this is Works-as-Designed issue). With MCS we find at least some of that information from database, but so far I have not found any UI for that, more "try to look what is in database and build yourself some queries for that".


    In a current world where there are pretty hard needs from the security people, for an example they like to get reports who did what and when, and now we are in pretty difficult situation with them, trying to explain that we might or might not get that info, depending about who did what.


    So my idea is that in future UIM there just must be somehow similar UI that was in with audit probe for the change audits, and of course all those changes must be recorded into database, regardless with what interface you worked.