Systemedge support for Linux Cent OS 7.4

Idea created by RahulD on Mar 12, 2018
    • RahulD
    • CatalinF
    • Chris_Knowles
    • Silvio Okamoto
    • JosephMX

    Problem statement : We are unable to install Sysedge agent ver 5.9 on Linux Cent OS 7.4 for CA API.
    :  we are getting Library File missing Error.

    Reason : The platform does not match or necessary library file are missing
    :  We are unable to monitor Cent OS servers  in prod environment.
    Sysedge Compatibility matrix
     : Sysedge 5.9 NOT supported on Linux Cent OS 7.4
    Please check the compatibility of Sysedge agent for Cent OS 7.4