ADE/MCS probe package deployment

Idea created by Filippo-Casati Employee on Mar 14, 2018

    --- ENVIRONMENT ---
    UIM Server: 8.51
    ade: 8.53
    mcs: 8,55
    robot: 7.91
    hub: 7.91
    distsrv: 5.40


    MCS is always deploying package from Primary hub, even though ADE is deployed on secondary hub the target robot is reporting to.There are tunnels between the hubs.

    Right now MCS always relies on Primary Hub's ADE to deploy the probe package. The default behavior of ADE is that it always picks the package from its local archive (in this case primary hub) and delivers it to the robot.

    As a workaround distsrv can be used instead of ADE.


    This idea is to enhance the ADE functionality so that ADE on primary robot can check if the robot's nearest hub has the package in its archive to pick and deliver it to the robot.