Enable vmware host as a QoS metric on a computer system

Idea created by mschouren on Mar 21, 2018
    • fabfa01
    • GuanHua1378
    • mschouren

    We're using the vmware probe to gather performance information on VMs.


    When trying to create a report (for example a top-n report on highest cpu, or disk i/o) using the list designer within UMP it is not possible to make it show the ESXi host the VM is currenly running on. This information is available somewhere (as it is shown in the details when drilling down to the VM). It's just the vmware probe not publishing it as a QOS_VMWARE_VARIABLE metric.


    Please publish this information as a QoS metric so it can be used in reports/lists.


    (for ca reference: see case 00979203)