Announcement Popup Control

Idea created by jeffery.mason on Mar 29, 2018
    Not planned
    • Paul_Coccimiglio
    • parol01
    • Alex_Perretti
    • jeffery.mason
    • johse01

    Add the ability to control announcement popups as a one-time broadcast message. The web.cfg Announcement popup control has been turned off in our installation because users find it annoying to popup every time an announcement is added or updated (we manually add ongoing national incidents to our announcements page). This could be accomplished by a control on detail_cnote.htmpl. "Send to all logged in users now". 


    Alternatively, create new functionality to issue a broadcast message to all logged in users and be displayed at login time. This would be especially useful to communicate critical incidents, planned and emergency outages.  The pdm_server_contrlol quiesce is a nice addition, but is limited because of its link to stopping services and static text. Sometimes we need to send an emergency announcement that is not related to a shutdown.