Integrate Multiple Reply Sources into MailEater

Idea created by jordanreich on Mar 29, 2018
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    We use mail eater to pull data out of multiple email addresses to input tickets into CA. For 95% of these scenarios using the defined email address under options for the Service Desk Manager, is appropriate, and works fine.


    For the remaining 5% of these cases we have a situation where we need to be able to send out the initial creation email from a ticket entry under a different email from the one that is supplied under the options manager.


    For example. We have segregated business groups within our agency. Tenancy is not required for us. But we serve external end users. We do not want those end users to always know the internal employee support email address. So we would like to provide them with an alternative email address from which to respond to. 


    This way the FROM field would come from EMAIL-ALTERNATIVE rather then the default option that the rest of the agency is working with from our employee base.


    Appreciate the consideration.