Automated SDM Scoreboard

Idea created by vrangaswamy on Apr 9, 2018
    Under review
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    It would be better to have a scoreboard which shows the user's groups (more than one group per user) then then the scoreboard list should have the groups and then inside them, the list of unassigned incidents and assigned incidents on that particular group. 

    For example,

    If a person is part of Group A and Group B, then scoreboard should list down Group A and Group B under My Groups.. then all the tickets on that respective groups, then the list of unassigned tickets on that group. 

    Later at somepoint if the same person is removed from Group B and added to Group C, we should be seeing the Group C instead of Group B with all the incidents/requests/change orders in them.


    This would easy for the users to quickly navigate through the incidents/requests, instead of using the filters on the incident list form.


    Do we have functionality on this already?. Any thoughts on this?