Expanding Capabilities of SDM Announcements

Idea created by jordanreich on Apr 10, 2018
    Under review
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    There are two additional elements which we believe would be beneficial to be a part of SDM announcements:


    1. There are certain circumstances where forcing the validation of an SDM announcement would be helpful. Service maintenance windows, issues impacting a broad range of users. Unfortunately, end users do not always review the announcements section prior to self-reporting issues.  And then claim that a communication was not received when these issues impact there efforts. If we could have a check-mark that could force a pop-up. So upon login to SDM for the first time after creation you get the popup and have to click a check box, and then click OK to clear the screen, also providing a record of those who acknowledged the announcement. Would help greatly in this respect.
      1. Also having an additional option to toggle this on/off for the employee and analyst side would be great.
    2. In addition, the potential ability to display a banner across all of SDM with critical announcements. That loads across the top of each page prior to the rest of the SDM content. Also controlled by the announcement system. To help draw attention to critical issues.


    Appreciate your consideration.