AWI: No prompt to confirm (eg destructive) actions

Idea created by AdminHostadministrationBGHW612306 on Apr 13, 2018
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    AWI: No prompt to confirm (e.g., destructive) actions

    In the UC4 Java interface almost all operations must be confirmed via a dialog. Sometimes this can be "annoying", but on the whole the behavior makes sense.

    For example, before starting or aborting a job, it is asked whether it should be started or aborted.

    As far as I remember, you could even configure it.


    In the AWI, no more queries are made. Each click is executed immediately:

    * Start jobs / job plans 

    * Jobs / job plans stop / cancel


    This is a problem for us because:

    * The AWI is slightly sluggish

    * We work with Citrix and take this inertia again.

    * The surface is constantly changing dynamically



    Activation view Display the bar in list view

    Display the bar in the hierarchy view

    If you start in the hierarchy view, switch to the list view and want to go back directly (because you accidentally changed), the cancel button is suddenly under the position where the icon for the hierarchy view was before. Result: Clicked too fast and canceled Jobplan - as there is no prompt.


    There are other scenarios where a click can lead to dramatic consequences:

    Backup jobs in production terminate all database connections before backup. If they are accidentally started - kick 5000 users out of your applications.


    Therefore the following suggestion:

    The essential operations, in which what can happen actively, are to receive a prompt. Ideal would be, of course, if that could be configured.


                    Modify Task / Job / JobP


                                    abort, stop

                                    Stop (including recursive)


                                    All first


    Other suggestions?