Enable automatic ServiceManager refresh after uc4.smc/uc4.smd files have been updated.

Idea created by RafaelLubera on Apr 13, 2018
    Under review
    Hi Team, 
    We would like a request an improvement to ServiceManager,
    specifically, to automate any updates done to the uc4.smc/uc4.smd files.
    Currently, we must manually update the uc4.smc/d files via ServiceManagerDialog.
    This is a tedious process, with possibilities of entering bad information, i.e hitting control+v a coulpe times, etc...
    We do have an automated way to update the smd file, but for this to update within the ServiceManager, you would have to bounce it, which would take the Automation engine down.
    Do to security issues, we must constantly update java and would like to make this process 100% automated.