Automation Engine should not hang if NFS-mounted trace directory is non-writeable.

Idea created by Michael_Lowry on Apr 13, 2018
    Under review
    • FrankMuffke
    • Michael_Lowry
    • Michael_Pirson
    • Michiel_Verhoeven_4432
    • TimothyYanosko604352
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    In the following circumstances, the Automation Engine hangs completely:
    • The trace directory is on an NFS-mounted volume.
    • The trace directory is not writeable by the user running the Automation Engine.
    (The latency of the NFS server may also play a role)

    In these circumstances, the AE should not hang. Instead, it should:
    • Disable tracing.
    • Print a message to the log indicating that traces cannot be written, and indicating the reason.
    • Print a message to the log stating that tracing has been disabled.
    This problem was identified in AE version 11.2.2 HF1 and originally reported in PRB00126500.