ETC Experience view historical data visualization over 24h time range

Idea created by luiz.emmerich Employee on Apr 19, 2018

    Idea is to allow user to visualize experience cards data on a time range greater than the current 24h limit. Although you have an "Custom Range" option on the date selection drop down, if you set the range from march 1st to march 31st it will lock the range from march 1st to march 2nd.


    Use case would be:


    I want to present the improvements on the health status of our applications (represented by experience cards containing hundred of hosts, filters and so on) after all changes we made to the code this month, so I need somehow to compare overall health status from last month with this month numbers.


    It would be hard and error prone to replicate experience card numbers presented on the ETC ui using apmsql or via old dashboards considering all configurations and filters on cards and having to aggregate data from all APM clusters involved on the architecture. I see this as adding a reporting capability to ATC.


    Improvements to this Idea are always welcome