Add virtual host to url_response MSC profile and all functionality of all other probes profiles

Idea created by leizi02 Employee on Apr 22, 2018
    • David_Kim
    • Britta_Hoffner
    • leizi02



    I'm trying to implement url_response via MCS profiles, but I'm missing the virtual host field in the profile.

    This prevents me from using the profile.

    I would like to emphasize that I believe MCS is crucial part of the deployment, and every probe deployed manually is very difficult to maintenance so I'm doing all I can to avid such situations, but I stumble all thvery e time with missing functionality in MCS which is very important for the deployment.

    I would like to suggest adding this functionality to the profile ASAP, and working hard to eliminate all other missing functionalities from the MCS profiles.



    Ziv Leibovich