Update to the "Browser Cache Refresh Required" page

Idea created by Sean.Johnston Employee on Apr 24, 2018
    Under review
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    • Daniel Becker Bighelini
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    • Sean.Johnston

    After running the pdm_webcache -b command, the "Browser Cache Refresh Required" page is displayed to users for 24 hours. This page is very plain, does not match the visual style of the rest of the product, and only includes outdated instructions for the Internet Explorer browser. In order to make sure that this page is useful for end users on modern browsers, I'm requesting the following changes to refresh_cache.htmpl to be included in future versions of the product:

    1. Include cache-clearing instructions for all browsers that are officially supported for use with CA SDM: Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari (for OSX users).
      1. Hiding the specific instructions for each browser behind a pulldown would save space and reduce clutter, while allowing the users to only view the content which is relevant to them. With some clever reading of browser strings, we may even be able to have the relevant information expanded by default, while leaving the other browsers' information collapsed.
    2. Update the visual style of this page to match the rest of the Service Management 17.x suite. This includes adjusting fonts, colors, and text position to better match the style of Service Desk Manager's UI, and potentially adding images to the page. While I understand that this page is intended to be loaded quickly, most modern PCs would have no issue loading a few extra HTML tags.



    CA SDM 17.1 - Supportability Matrix - Web Browsers