Ability for API Portal to send an email when approaching the quota.

Idea created by Mark.ODonohue Employee on Apr 27, 2018
    • wauch01
    • Mark.ODonohue
    • Dustin Dauncey

    Entered on behalf of a customer. 


    They would like ( and it seems a reasonable idea) to be able to email someone when the api portal quota is being approached, some configurable amount say 90%.


    This would give some warning to the Administrator that there was going to be an outage, so they can take some action.  


    It is possible to code this in the gateway policy manager using normal quota limits, but it is not something that can be (easily) added to API Gateway quota. 


    The Portal does seem to have all the right ingredients, it has the quota, and an email address that would be relevant as well. 


    Cheers - Mark