SDM Contact Record Merge

Idea created by jordanreich on Apr 30, 2018
    Under review
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    Due to manual errors on our part or automated processing duplicates that were created by LDAP sync and import. We tend to get a limited but still problematic number of duplicated contact records. Sometimes these records have zero entries or hundreds of entries under each contact record. Manually moving all of these tickets to void out the duplicated account is timely and problematic.


    This is to request a feature within CA SDM that allows for contact records to be merged together. Allowing you to select numerous accounts from a search result. Click Merge. Then the system will merge all of these tickets into a single record, removing the duplicated accounts. Or providing the option. As well as a replace/update contact record information where appropriate. All part of the same process.


    Right now our method of clean up is through DB extract and imports. This is impractical for an application like this.