AWI: Standard URL schema for navigating to particular information

Idea created by Michael_Lowry on May 2, 2018
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    In the Automic Web Interface (AWI), it is possible to construct parameterized URLs that:

    1. log in automatically to the AWI and a particular Automation Engine server using SSO, and
    2. navigate to a particular view or object in that AE system.


    E.g., this URL:


    will connect to the AWI server awi-srv, log in to the AE system UC4_EXP2 client 0 using single sign-on, and display the UC_SYSTEM_SETTINGS object.


    This capability should be greatly expanded to make it possible to directly navigate to many more pieces of information in the AWI. A standard URL format should be established, so that a user or application can construct URLs that contain the pertinent uniquely identifying information.


    Below are some examples. (The system, client, and SSO-related options have been omitted for the sake of brevity & legibility.)


    Open particular folder

    Open folder with the path /APPS/UC0


    Display a particular queue

    Display the queue UC0


    Display details of a particular task

    Display details of task with run ID 3018144:


    Display report of a particular task

    Display Activation report of task with run ID 3018144:


    Display report of a particular task in a new window

    Display Activation report of task with run ID 3018144 in a new window:


    Display last monitor of a particular workflow

    Display last monitor window of workflow UC0.WF1:



    The above are just examples. This feature need not be delivered exactly like this. What is important is that CA devises a comprehensive, consistent, and flexible URL schema that makes these sorts of capabilities possible.