Sysfilter to work in a sub resource.

Idea created by dsoro02 Employee on May 18, 2018

    Combine Resource is Created using

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    The table PartnerList_V is the used to create a resource with Partner_V join on PartnerID The issue is when we use SYSFILTER..Parnter = equal('PartnerName':'Something') we get a response with all records and only partner array with { "PartnerSiteID": 1, "PartnerSiteCode": "*********", "Name": "*******", "PhoneNumber": "*******", "Email": "*******", "StreetAddress": "****************8", "Suburb": null, "PostalCode": null, "ContactName": null, "ContactPhone": null, "ContactEmail": null, "StartDate": "2017-11-09", "Latitude":*******, "Longitude": ******, "IsServiceAvailable": true, "Category": null, "@metadata": { "checksum": "A:8e008f405b593a48" }, "Partner": [ ] } which is not correct, 


    Can the filter be applied within the container combined resource