AIX 7.2 Support 12.52SP1CR8 Web Agent

Idea created by brian.w.jones on May 21, 2018
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    As the title implies I am looking to get the 12.52SP1CR8 Web Agent for SSO to support AIX version 7.2 in conjunction with Websphere 


    We are looking for Support for of AIX 7.2 from the 12.52SP1 WA from CA Technologies. We would like to move to AIX 7.2 to utilize the new performance features included in this version of AIX. Along with the performance upgrades associated with 7.2 we also looking at how we have to downgrade certain parts of our infrastructure which leads to higher maintenance overhead. Below are some examples of features that we would like to leverage with the newer 7.2 TL2 version of AIX:

    1. Live update of kernel allows update to be installed without application outages
    2. Use of features like SR-IOV which reduces system overhead, enhancing performance
    3. There will be new features and improvement for AIX 7.2 while developments will be stale for AIX 7.1

    Other features we will be able to exploit from IBM representative:

    1. New vNIC (virtual network interface controller) functionality can be used with SR-IOV capable network adapters. The vNIC uses a one-to-one mapping between the vNIC adapter in the LPAR and the backing logical port in the VIOS. This allows data to flow directly between the LPAR and the physical adapter without passing through the VIOS for improved performance. This data flow reduces VIOS CPU and memory consumption. LPARs with vNIC interfaces can be migrated using LPM.
    2. Live update for interim fixes provides the capability to apply kernel and kernel extension fixes in a non-disruptive manner. No reboot of the OS is required after these fixes are applied. The interim fixes can be applied directly from AIX or pushed/pulled from a NIM server. Note that live update for interim fixes requires all LPAR I/O to be virtual and the availability of spare system resources (cores and memory) that match the size of the target LPAR.