CA Log Analyzer (PLA): Replace Batch Processor statements with SPUFI-compatible COMMITS

Idea created by sreejith.gopalakrishnan on May 24, 2018
    • Christine_Eggermann
    • MikeAM
    • sreejith.gopalakrishnan

    Currently, we can only run the output PLA generates (e.g. REDO SQL) in Batch Processor, because of the BP statements that PLA puts in the output dataset. You cannot run the file in SPUFI/DSNTEP2 unless you manually edit the dataset and change the .SYNC statements to COMMITs.

    This weekend, we ran into a recovery situation where we had to run a large set of REDO SQLs and we kept running into memory/storage issues with BP, because of the size of the REDO SQL file. Trying to edit the dataset and change the .SYNC statements to COMMITs was also a big pain because File-Aid also kept getting memory issues because of the dataset size.

    RC/Migrator has a feature to choose between BP-compatible output or SPUFI-compatible output, and a similar feature for PLA would be a nice thing to have. If PLA had this feature, we could have regenerated the REDO SQL as a SPUFI compatible file run it using DSNTEP2 straightaway.