e2e_appmon behaves Differently on Physical and Virtual Systems

Idea created by MuruR on Jun 4, 2018
    • MuruR
    • Richard-Laan
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    • ruud.kitselaar

    We have a identical workstations which are meeting the below specifications. The only difference is one workstation is a Physical and other one is a Virtual.

    I dont see any documents from CA or their third party vendor saying physical workstation scripts does not work on Virtual and vise versa.


    1. Same OS (Windows 7)

    2. Same Disk Drive (C:\)

    3. Same version of robot and e2e 

    4. Same Browser and version (IE)

    5. Same Screen Resolution

    6. Admin privilege Account 


    As per CA official documents, the e2e_appmon scripts will run on any of the workstation as long as they are meeting the 1 through 6 points mentioned above. However physical workstation script is not working on virtual workstation and vise versa. 

    I believe e2e_appmon has a problem detecting the bitmap files on physical workstation or virtual machine though they have a same identical settings.

    Can we make the e2e_appmon more flexible and ensure it runs on physical or virtual as they are identical from a platform perspective!