Receive email to generate alarm

Idea created by indothai on Jun 14, 2018


    I would like UIM to be able to receive email in order to generate alarms.  This would be a good opportunity for UIM to be able to integrate with other monitoring platforms that can only send out email alerts.


    Via probe, the alert can be generated by:

    - Keywords (REGEX) in the email body.

    - Email body may also contain syntax probe can understand to generate alerts.

    - Email may contain syntax so that probe can clear alerts.

    - From email address to generate alert.

    - Subject email to generate alert.


    I have UIM integrated with Spectrum in my environment and we use Spectrum as the main console for our Operators, all the alerts are sent to one console to simplify Operations.  It would be great if UIM can receive emal to generate alerts, because Spectrum cannot.