Create Operating System group for AS400 in UMP/USM

Idea created by MichaelArnone82334066 on Jun 15, 2018
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    Every OS that has it's own UIM Robot installation should have a category in the UMP/USM under the built-in Operating Systems group. Since the AS400 (iSeries) OS has it's own unique Robot installation, it should have it's own OS listing, but it doesn't & CA has suggested putting the IDEA for this to be added:

    UMP/USM Operating Systems group

    You can see in the CA_UIM database table that if you run:

    select * from CM_COMPUTER_SYSTEM where os_description = 'AS400'

    you will get:

    SQL Query Results

    When the AS400 Robot registers, they only add AS400 to the OS_DESCRIPTION field, but they don't have anything for fields: OS_TYPE, OS_NAME, or OS_VERSION.


    This seems like a simple fix for something that was probably just an oversight...