SSO between CA Spectrum and CA PM

Idea created by SKN2001 on Jun 20, 2018

    CA PM Single Sign-On supports following data sources:

    Data Aggregator

    CA Network Flow Analysis

    CA Application Delivery Analysis

    CA UC Monitor


    So, when you come to the integration of CA Spectrum & CA PM, #SSO is not available.

    From Spectrum OneClick, we can navigate to the performance center, by right-clicking a device or interface, and clicking Performance Center. Here when new window opens(CA_PC), Credentials are must in-order to load the context page. Vice versa also be the same.This means, CA_PM does not support SSO with Spectrum.

    Also Spectrum will only work through EEM, which CAPM does not support. 


    We are looking for single sign on as this will reduce the unnecessary login while navigating through the tools and save the time.

    It will be good addition to the tools as most of the tools have the SSO facility. CA Spectrum & Ca PM being the prime tools for Network monitoring this feature should be there.