Option in File Transfers (JOBF) to define in which direction the connection is established

Idea created by jamcl01 Employee on Jun 22, 2018

    Due to internal regulations, one of our customers wants to open their firewall only in one direction. For the Automic File Transfer (#JOBF), that means, an IP-connection is only possible from the destination-agent to the source-agent.


    The normal behavior of a JOBF is to first establish a connection from the source- to the destination-agent. If this is not possible, e.g. because the firewall allows only connection in the opposite direction, the JOBF waits for the network timeout and only then opens the connection in this opposite direction. The effect is, that in case of this firewall configuration, files transfers take longer. With a large number of files, this sums up to unacceptably long runtimes of JOBFs.


    Therefore, the JOBF should have an option to decide in which direction the connection is initially established.


    E.g., a new checkbox could be edited to the Transfer Settings

    "Transfer Settings" settings of a JOBF