AutoSys Client in the Docker Container

Idea created by Chykp on Jul 6, 2018

    Autosys client in the Docker container fails with the following error when an attempt to run AutoSys cmds (eg: autorep) is made. 

    CAUAJM_E_10527 Timed out waiting for response from the CA WAAE Application Server: [ ****** :9000]

    CAUAJM_E_50033 Error initializing tx subsystem:  CAUAJM_E_10062 Failed to get initial configuration from CA WAAE Application Server(s).


    It appears that the AutoSys cmd  is trying to respond back (from the App Server) to the client using the container's hostname/IP. As a result, the command times out as the container is not visible on the network from outside of the docker's host machine.


    We believe that the problem is because of the AutoSys base technology --  the way the client communicates with the App Server & how the App Server responds back to the client. There is currently no way the client can be configured to handle App Server communications in sending the host machine's name/IP instead of the docker container's name/IP.


    In order for the client to seamlessly work in Build, Ship and Run anywhere type of nimble Docker environment,  we need a fix for this issue whereby the App Server is able to learn & respond back to the AutoSys Client through the (physical) host machine where the Docker container resides.