Enable the CA App Synthetic Monitor integration probe (cuegtw) to support https (TLS)

Idea created by Alquin Employee on Jul 16, 2018
    • Alquin

    Hi Community,


    Not sure how many of you are using both CA Unified Infrastructure Management (UIM) and CA App Synthetic Monitoring (ASM). The cuegtw probe enables us to pull alerts from ASM via the API into the UIM alarm console for incident and escalation management. When the ASM team enabled TLS for https the cuegtw probe was no longer able to communicate with the ASM API site. However it will still work over the http URL but that poses a security risk which no one wants as it exposes the API credentials.



    The cuegtw probe should be updated to support TLS for https so that we can secure the communication between the cuegtw probe and the ASM API site.