Nutanix Probe - Support to Nutanix API V3

Idea created by ThiBorges on Jul 23, 2018
    Currently Planned

    Hello !

    Today Nutanix Probe only use nutanix API V1.

    But I open a case on Nutanix support and the support team asked to use V3 API

    On Version 5.6 of Nutanix AOS API V1 is no longer supported (Only V2 and V3).

    Some counters we only can get information's in V3 API (Version 5.5 and 5.6)

    Because of that I think it is good idea change the probe to support V3 API.

    We are planning upgrade our environment to AOS 5.6 and if I do that now I will be not able to use the probe and lose the capability to monitor my environment using UIM


    Here is the link about V3 API and how to use it