CA Spectrum Secondary Server Discovery

Idea created by singa14 Employee on Aug 2, 2018
    • singa14
    • Jitendra_Sharma

    Dear Team


    We have a Customer where we have Spectrum 10.2.2 is implemented in fault tolerant architecture. Primary spectroserver is implemented at DC (Production) location and Secondary spectroserver is implemented at DR datacenter location. Everything works fine as designed and supported spectrum architecture.


    Customer has got DR drills where they bring primary spectroserver DOWN and bring secondary spectroserver up. They keep secondary server UP for hours during DR drills and wants to do discovery from secondary spectroserver while primary is DOWN. This is not supported in current architecture. Please advise if this is part of future plan or can be added.


    Also is their a workaround apart from configuring Secondary spectroserver as Primary if primary server goes DOWN for a longer period.