WCC GUI Improvements: Flow-View, dependencies,

Idea created by binu.john on Aug 8, 2018

    I would like to see below features available in WCC,


    1. In Monitoring --> Views pane (tree), include a text filter field, helps to filter/reduce items in view. It is hard to navigate when there more than 100 items.


    2. Flow view Layout customization option: current layout is top-bottom, I would suggest to have a left-right layout, which gives more screen area in widescreen monitors. Where top-bottom layout only shows very few jobs in one screen. This matters when you have complex dependencies


    3. Include common ‘Change Status’ events to right-click menu (similar to IXP)


    4. Option for Custom/user commands, similar to IXP


    5. Comment option for every event triggered from WCC. WCC not prompting for inserting comment for any actions, which is a must to have requirement for audit purpose. This feature is available in IXP. 


    6. In flow view and Jobs view, include a pane to show predecessor and successors for selected job (along with its status, similar to IXP). This is a must have feature when handling complex dependencies