Web Services Validation

Idea created by berbe02 Employee on Aug 13, 2018
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    As an Endevor Administrator who installs and deploys maintenance and web services, I like to validate the maintenance after the application of said maintenance.

    For Endevor SCM, the modules included in the PTF contain a value in the RMID field of the object.  After the PTF is applied and the module deployed, a BROWSE of the module searching for the RMID literal can be found and the PTF name validated.

    For Endevor Web Services, there is no mechanism that can validate whether the maintenance/feature has been installed.  Executing the WSTOMCCS script performs a CHECKSUM VALIDATION, but the only details are "OK" after completion.  There are some numeric references (18.0.0-483 for example) that do NOT appear to have any intrinsic value to me as an installer.

    Since there already is a validation process, could there be something included that indicates the level of the maintenance so we know that the PTF has been installed and is currently active?


    There appears to also be an inconsistency in the values displayed.

    The file libEndevorSCLParser checksum value = 18.0.36 while ALL of the other values show something different (i.e. 18.0.00-483 or 18.0.00-346).  Is this deliberate?  What does it mean?


    My idea is that each file delivered would have its own checksum that is applicable to the PTF that delivered the maintenance, for example (18.0.00-SO04638) while those files that have NOT been modified by maintenance would retain the base incremental value (18.0.00).