Date Helper does not auto set the current Hour, Minute

Idea created by derekj on Aug 15, 2018
    Under review
    • derekj
    • J_W
    • sitch01
    • GuanHua1378
    • Chi_Chen
    • shamaluwm

    I am requesting for the creation of an SDM option so that the calendar 'Date Helper' screen (v30_date_helper.htmpl) will not default to the current Hour and Minute, but will open with those fields defaulted to "<Select>" or something like that instead.  


    I'm told, notably by our Change Managers that people consistently do not bother to verify anything other than the date which necessitates the need for additional audits and follow-up to correct the actual time fields.  This is time best allocated to other issues.


    It's also kind of silly to me for something like the 'Callback Date/Time' to default to the current time as it is supposed to be a future reminder anyway.