have more than one spectrum instance as a datasource

Idea created by oldshield on Aug 29, 2018
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    My client has a main spectrum server with about 40k devices in it and has purchased another group of hospitals in Detroit with approx. 10k devices.


    We have 2 instance of spectrum 1 here for our legacy enterprise sites and a second instance for the cluster in Detroit.


    These networks are separate due to some overlapping ip space and other things. CAPM supports multi-tenancy and I built a separate ip domain for Detroit in the CAPC box, but come to find out I can not add a second spectrum instance as a data source. I was told i could use a secure domain connector, but my current main servers are at the edge of what they can handle performance wise and i don't want to chew up what little bandwidth we have with the extra traffic this would generate.


    what i wanted to do was add a data collector in my Detroit market make it a different tenant than the " default tenant" and add the spectrum server from Detroit having that belong to the new tenant also.