HA support for spectrumgtw and nfa_inventory

Idea created by rschiller2 on Aug 30, 2018
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    We have a customer, using Spectrum as main monitoring tool and central console, with addition of UIM and NFA. All products are integrated using the spectrumgtw and nfa_inventory probes.

    All parts are in HA setting.

    The goal is to have functioning environment, regardless which part of the monitoring tools is failing. E.g., Spectro server goes into failover mode, the customer still needs to see all alarm – even von UIM on the OneClick console.


    Spectrumgtw as well as nfa_inventory use static IP address to integrate, it means it points always only to one server, which in failover mode will not be reachable.


    We need mechanism, which would allow to setup alternativ IP address for the failover server and in case of failover automaticaly switch to it.


    This would allow to have true HA setup, without neccesity of manual actions in case of failover.