Monitoring ports and his alarms can be separeted of the CI

Idea created by Fabaino on Aug 30, 2018
    • AlexandreFrankiwdeCarvalho81982434
    • Silvio Okamoto
    • Fabaino

    I need what the alarms of ports are separeted on the server . Because in the enterprise they use an server for many applications, I can have many ports in an server but this ports are not the same application. I have integration with CA-SOI and When services are created we need separeted the ports of the server . We have many ports and separeted applications.
    I need separede monitoring profile of ports and separeted of the alarms do CI (server).
    I migrated Ca-Ehealth to CA-Nimsoft . The Ca-Ehealth we got separeted the alarms of the ports from the server . Now we need to do this.