NAS - LUA function not update

Idea created by joel.ingels on Sep 3, 2018
    • Chrlu03
    • joel.ingels
    • Britta_Hoffner

    Review NAS function for LUA scripts, when you using scripts to generate alarms, The alarms are not visible in the USM group alarm but well in IM and USM all Alarm

    The LUA function are not update , not possibility to set the metric and type like in the nimalarm.exe API


    Example :

    nimbus.alarm ( SeverityLevel, MessageText [, SuppressionKey [, SubsystemId [, Source]]] )
    Generates a NimBUS alarm message with the severity level (1-5) and a message-text. Use the suppression-key to create a stateful alarm. Returns a return code and the message-id string.
    E.g. rc,nimid = nimbus.alarm ( NIML_WARNING, “help me..”)

    Same problem with the nimbus.qos function impossible to set the new parameters like in the nimqos.exe API.

    PS: workaround is to call the nimalarm.exe API in the LUA script

    Please update also the NAS technical brief (