Enable .fcc page to support OPTIONS method

Idea created by Pasquale_Russo Employee on Sep 14, 2018
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    -------- THE PROBLEM ----------

    We discovered that any webagent (webagent on IIS for instance or any Secure Proxy) isn't able to handle an OPTIONS request when it is executed directly in a .fcc page.

    -------- THE PROBLEM ----------\


    -------- DETAILS ----------

    In large customer environment it usually happens that the user's browser (for different reasons) tries to initialized a pre-flight request (a CORS request) using the OPTIONS method.

    When this happens in a standard protected resource, it works correctly: just adding the OPTIONS method to the webagent and to the rule. In this case the request got a 200.

    When the OPTIONS request is directed to a login.fcc page, the agent handles in a different way the request, due that in the request there is the presence of "login.fcc" words. In this case the user got an Error 500 and the CORS reqest fails

    -------- DETAILS ----------\


    ------- LOGS for references ---------

    An OPTIONS request to a login.fcc causes this error:

    [08/23/2018][16:40:52][2728][2568][CSmHttpPlugin.cpp:8792] [CSmHttpPlugin::ProcessAdvancedAuthResource][000080fe00000000c4dc8c3459a112a4- 0aa8-5b7ec774-0a08-032f1343][][][][][][HTTP method options not supported in Advanced Auth]

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    ------- Environment ---------

    SSO 12.8 and 12.52

    Webagent 12.52 SP1 (latest CR)

    SPS 12.7 on Windows

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    -------- IDEA - REQUEST ----------

    The idea/request is to enable the support of OPTIONS method requests point directly to a login.fcc page.

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    Pasquale Russo