Add $profilename of NAS profile to email template

Idea created by cduryea on Sep 18, 2018
    • rtirak
    • bryan.smith1.1

    When a nas AO profile is triggered to generate an email, there is no variable currently available to add the nas Profile name to the email template.  By having the ability to add the name of the nas AO profile to the email template, any notifications sent can be easy to track back to the profile that triggered it making resolution of any concerns over the notification far quicker to resolve.  


    Currently without the profile name in the notification too much time is spent trying to lookup, cross reference, and match up various aspects and parameter values to find the originating nas AO profile.  Even then its not fool proof when multiple profiles could have matched.  Its an unnecessary exercise that can easily be eliminated with the additional variable added to the email template.  We can then spend our time doing what is important and provides value.