FOKUS: Report for active objects at past point in time (or period of time)

Idea created by Carsten_Schmitz on Sep 24, 2018

    There's a button called "Periods" (née "Zeitraum") in the Automic Java UI, and the same functionality is probably also in AWI. This button allows to generate a report of things that were activated or started in a particular time frame.


    However, the most often asked question, at least for us, is:


    What jobs or objects were actually active at (or during) a given time and/or period.


    We oftentimes ask this question to determine e.g. why system performance was the way it was at any given time, and we regularily invest significant time to answer that question for us. I suspect other clients might have the same requirement, I've seen this asked in the forums, and thus I propose to build this functionality directly into AE/AWI.


    I do realize that this may not be as plain simple to implement as the query for activations or starts, since the engine only logs start and end times, and to implement this functionality, it probably needs to look back a certain time into the past what was started and when it ended (possibly made configurable via a new UC_SYSTEM_SETTINGS item).


    Bonus points could be in visualisation, e.g. it would be cool to have e.g. bar charts to show what fraction of a given time frame each object was active, or how much load each object contributed during that time frame (though the later probably also neccessitates additional statistics tracking not available to date).