E2E_Appmon Database Schema Change

Idea created by MuruR on Oct 8, 2018

    CA UIM E2E_Appmon probe stores data in the s_qos_data table. Today, it inserts script_name (Application_Name) and Transaction_Name (each steps within the script) in to the same column "target" within same table.

    Please see below where application name and transaction name with - separated.



    The target gets filled by the following variables from the e2e scripts.


    qos$(1) = script$ + " - 01 - Click_Flag_Click_Finish
    qos$(2) = script$ + " - 02 - login"

    qos$(3) = script$ + " - 03 - Login_to_the_OmniCRM-Outbound
    qos$(4) = script$ + " - 04 - Logoff_closeapplication


    Now the idea or proposal here is, can we break these parameters which are highlighted above in to 2 different columns example Application, Transaction instead of writing/inserting everything in to target columns. Then this Application and Transaction columns have same relations as other columns with in s_qos_data with other tables, example RN_QOS_DATA_0021, HN_QOS_DATA_0021, VN_QOS_DATA_0021, CM_COMPUTER_SYSTEM, CM_GROUP, CM_GROUP_MEMBER and so on.