SP Analyst: Anonymous/nologin URL to dashboard

Idea created by Olivier_Giraud on Oct 9, 2018


    I like the idea to provide a link to someone to display a specific dashboard in SP Analyst (Dashboard/Tools/Get Dashboard Link).

    The problem is that the recipient of the link needs a valid account to log on the Analyst web site in order to display the dashboard. This means that the recipient already has access to it, and obviously doesn't need a link to display the Dashboard if he/she needs to consult it ...


    I'd like to be able to provide a link to whoever I've shared the link with, without having an account in SP Analyst. it can be read only (for anonymous users), have a custom TTL, save-as png/pdf/whatever option ...


    Anyone fells like it could be an interesting addition to dashboard sharing ?


    Have a nice day,