Change Management/Code Promotion Features

Idea created by TonyFerraro609475 on Oct 9, 2018
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    Would like an in-build function to move Workload objects from QA > pre-prod > prod with some added functionality.


    My company currently have an in house build and maintained app to help us do this.


    It should pull in the QA/Dev object code,

    Validate the objects(ensure compliance with naming standards, flag hardcoding or non acceptable strings/passwords),

    Replace any strings/patterns needed to be compiant with the environment we are deploying to,

    Export the new objects to XML,

    Tag the objects with a Change control ticket number(perhaps a hook into Remedy etc),

    Stores them in a repository, 

    Deploy them using an API to the next environment.


    Similar to this thread:


    How do you handle promotion of AE batches from DEV to TEST & PROD? 


    V12.2 Has GIT hooks which is a good start.