automated_deployment_engine (ADE) should sync packages without a version

Idea created by on Oct 10, 2018
    • Chrlu03
    • casph02

    When ADE 2.0 was released a developer white paper was issued to advise us how to transition from distsrv to the ADE. A callback reference white paper was also created to explain the callbacks used by the ADE.


    I recently learned via support that the ADE will not sync packages if there is no version number. Presumably, development would like us all to transition to the ADE rather than the distsrv for package syncing; however, since the ADE won't sync packages without a version and the distsrv will, this goal seems unreachable at present.


    I've created some Lua scripts that use the ADE to do more package syncing and even to set up package sync rules, but these still don't support packages without a version because the probe itself doesn't support them.


    This idea is to suggest that the ADE be modified to also synchronize packages which do not have a version number. Generally these are packages created when a probe is dragged to the archive from a robot and the Config Only option is selected. The reason for this change is to promote the transition from using the distsrv for package syncing to using the ADE instead by mimicking additional functionality of the distsrv that is currently not present in the ADE.