Add user privelege option to disable access for Set as Default settings in Attribute Editor

Idea created by Maxim on Oct 17, 2018
    • mgrusso
    • meaja05
    • Maxim
    • JLie
    • raphael.franck

    Good day,

    In our DSS enviroment a lot of users use Attribute Editor for massive models attribute updating, and enable Set as Default option.
    This will cause to change this attributes for other models in other landscape managed by other users in different location.

    For example one user set default Security String for SPM tests, and this will cause that when other user create a new test, after save he lost access and control for this test.

    So, please add a new privilege option for user rights to manage access for Set as Default option in Attribute Editor.

    CA Support Case regarding to this issue: 01202054