DIRSCAN - Regular Expression Enhancement

Idea created by AndreKleynhans on Oct 18, 2018
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    Currently, the dirscan probe allows the use of regular expressions in both files and directories. When using files, you are limited to only use * and ? characters.


    As per DOCOPS :  The patterns used for files are of the format filename.extension. The * and ? symbols are wild card operators and denote that all characters are acceptable. The * represents multiple characters while the ? represents exactly one character.


    When selecting directories, you have several additional formats, like year(%Y), month(%m) and day(%d) selections. It would be great if these same variables, can be made available when selecting files where names are constructed with  date values within a specific directory, eg. my_application_logfile-20181018.log. 


    We have a requirement to monitor specific log files, that changes on a daily basis. To make monitoring easier, it would be great to select files using specific regular expressions, eg. my_application_logfile-%Y%m%d.log to always reference the correct file, similar to the way the logmon probe functions.