Make cors.useMultiValuedHeaders default to "true" instead of "false".

Idea created by Dustin Dauncey Employee on Oct 22, 2018
    • CBertagnolli
    • Conny Postma
    • Dustin Dauncey
    • APIMGTEtudes18000094
    • Ronko

    There is a new cluster-wide property (CWP) in 9.3 called cors.useMultiValuedHeaders which is defined in the documentation here for reference: Process CORS Request Assertion - CA API Gateway - 9.3 - CA Technologies Documentation 


    It is my impression that when set to "true" - using multivalued headers works fine in all browsers, where-as when it's set to "false" then Internet Explorer ("IE") won't play nicely with the Gateway for CORS-specific behaviour. 


    Unless there is a reason to leave it false by default (which there may be, I'm just not aware of one), I'd like to propose we make it "true" by default so that this provides greater compatibility with web browsers. This will alleviate customer frustration for those apps in IE which consume services on the Gateway using CORS.