webservice_rest must create alarms with correct dev_id

Idea created by dakoserv-opa on Nov 2, 2018

    The RESTful API based on webservice_rest portlet for the UMP.

    If an alarm message is generated via this API, the message is not sent with an dev_id that corresponds to the source, but with the dev_id of the robot on which the wasp probe is running (UMP server).

    This prevents the correct display of these alarm messages in the USM and the suppression of the alarm messages by the maintenace_module (see CA support case #01210574).

    The provided workaround using the alarm_enrichement probe works if the device/source already exists in the UIM database. But if not this workaround cannot provide a correct dev_id for the alarm_message.


    Please expand the functionality of the webservice_rest by sending alarm messages with the correct dev_id as you can do with Perl oder JAVA SDK.